Chechen cuisine - Sweetmeats


A nut halva (per 1000g.)

Nuts - 650g, honey - 420 g.

Fry slightly peeled nuts (walnuts, peanuts), put into boiling honey and mix. Put on a tray and leave it to cool. Serve in portions 75-100 grams each.

Other kinds of halva:

1. Fry a mixture of corn and wheat flour in hot butter with sugar until thick. Put the paste on a tray, leave it to cool and cut into pieces.

2. To prepare "noodle-halva" fry ball-shaped noodles in hot butter, put onto a tray, top with honey or thick grape juice and leave to cool.

3. To cook "nut-halva" take young green nuts, boil them in grape or sugar syrup and leave to cool.

Corn pudding

Corn-cobs - 180g., semolina - 20g., milk - 50g., sugar - 10g., eggs - ½, margarine - 5g., butter - 10g., dried and finely ground bread-crumbs - 10g., powdered cinnamon - 1g., salt.

Mince boiled corns of maize, dilute with milk, wait until it boils, add semolina, salt, sugar and cinnamon and leave to boil for another 5 or 6 minutes. After that cool the mixture to 50 degrees, add yolks and beaten up whites, stir carefully, put onto an oiled baking tray and bake. When ready cut into portions.


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