The application of Initiative group of refugees in Republic of Moldova


One year ago the refugees who are taking place in Republic Moldova pending of reception of the status of the refugee, driven to despair by chronic ignoring of problems available at them, appeared compelled to declare hunger-strike. For 8-th day after doctors took one of us in a condition of an extreme exhaustion away, Representative UNHCR in Republic Moldova Lars Johnson has interfered with an event, and our requirements about the minimal validity were in part satisfied. But for a short while. In three months, summer of last year the situation became worse, than before hunger-strike that has compelled refugees to hold press conference in agency INFOTAG. However result became not increase of attention to our daily problems, and red tape on courts which the head of the organization "Save the children" has arranged to us Vasilii Batku. His organization is partner UNHCR in Republic Moldova and should like assist and the help to refugees, however instead of it Batku repairs to refugees every possible obstacle, not shunning thus anything. One of informal leaders of movement of refugees, to Beslan Vakalishev after has held press conference, has received from Batku threat, that to it " will break hands and legs ". Practically nothing the policy spent on director of Central administrative board on affairs of refugees of Department of migration of Republic of Moldova by Ekaterina Silvestru differs from the policy spent Batku. From the moment of when the right to give the status of the refugee has passed from UNHCR in Republic Moldova to the state structures, from hundred submitted applications for the status, the positive answer were received only by two. And it when the majority of refugees have arrived from the Chechenian Republic where last years in opinion of the International Helsinki Federation the real was established "a hell on the ground". Refugees from the Chechenian Republic without problems receive the status of the refugee in any country of the European Union. They received the status of the refugee and in Moldova while Representation of UNHCR in Republic of Moldova was engaged in this procedure.
The management of Republic Moldova has proclaimed the strategic purpose integration into the European Union; however, the Central administrative board on affairs of refugees led by Ekaterina Silvestru operates as if Moldova would be part of the Union Russia-Belarus. Alongside with Vasilii Batku Ekaterina Silvestru also is engaged in daunting of refugees. The indicative case: she has invited one of refugees having the status (!) to itself in office. After she has caused two policemen, who have taken away in what not the guilty person. Further they, having applied force, have enclosed it a package with unknown substance and when released have threatened it, that "it at them on a hook". The given fact in appropriate way is fixed in Committee of Helsinki in Republic of Moldova. Cases when rights of refugees are not observed are estimated in tens. To our big regret, Representation of UNHCR in Republic of Moldova has practically withdrawn from the decision of the questions connected to refugee problems. Actually all is done that refugees appeared compelled to return to region where can be killed and crippled. It is direct infringement of the Convention on refugees and Law of Republic of Moldova on refugees.
We any more in forces to struggle for our elementary rights. The situation has reached a deadlock, when nobody wants and is not going to promote in observance of the rights of refugees, including rights on integration into a civil society of Republic of Moldova. Moreover, WE DO NOT FEEL OURSELVES IN SAFETY! In these conditions we appeared are compelled to declare hunger-strike.
Our basic requirement: if the structures responsible for a condition of refugees do not want to provide the due attitude to refugees in that case we demand personal intervention of Representative of UNHCR in Republic of Moldova Lars Johnson. We demand to give out to us the corresponding documents giving the right on unobstructed travel to one the countries where human rights are observed, for example in one of the countries of the European Union.
Hunger-strike will be continued before performance of our requirements, and in case of a tightening of their performance we shall be compelled to proceed to dry" hunger-strike.

Initiative group of refugees in Republic Moldova:
Vakalishev Beslan
Visaitov Ruslan
Machiyev Yunus
Amayev Visait
Abdullayev Ramzan
Aziyev Shamhan
Djabrailov Hassan

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