Customs and traditions of Chechnya

The male's code of conduct


Age-old customs Age-old customs and traditions make it clear how a man is supposed to behave under different sets of circumstances. Norms of behavior are also revealed in Chechen proverbs and sayings.

The heads of Chechen families, husbands and fathers should be tactful and should think well before taking action: "the fast-flowing brook has failed to reach the sea."

They should think twice before pronouncing a judgement on a neighbor or simply saying something: "a saber wound has healed but a wound inflicted by a word of mouth has not."

Restraint is most appreciated: "lack of self-control exhibits foolishness, patience demonstrates good manners."

The Chechen male is to show utmost restraint under all and any kinds of circumstances. Tradition demands that he avoid smiling at his wife and holding up his children in the presence of other people. But he ought to make sure that his wife never bear more than the woman's part of the family burden: "the hen who pretended to be a rooster burst up."

The use of unprintable words, in particular those that make mention of the woman, revolt the Chechen because a woman of loose morals is the biggest disgrace of her family.

A handsome man should be tall, slim but broad-shouldered. He should have a thin waist and a lively gait. Folk wisdom says that the manner of walking reveals the qualities of character.


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