Date: 18.02.05


During all long years and decades after the end of the Second World War propagandists of communistic and then "democratic" Russia tried to show the soldiers of the Red Army as "liberators of Europe enslaved by fascism". In Berlin captured by the Soviet armies there was even a huge metal monument of the "soldier-liberator"; a Russian soldier carefully holds a German girl rescued by him. Meanwhile, the facts speak about absolutely other attitude of Russian soldiers to the "rescued" Germans, including children. When in October, 1944, the troops of the Red Army entered the territory of the Reich, "robberies, murders and slaughter began, - Berlin historian Iorg Fridrih wrote, - so that even impartial observers had an impression, that they were ancient Mongol hordes".
"In one of the countries we saw five children, whose tongues were nailed to the table", - one eyewitness from village near Haidekrug at the river Memel , where in October, 1944, the armies of the 43 rd army of 1 st Baltic front came, reported. A little bit later he found "five girls tied up together by a rope, almost naked, with peeled backs. There was such an impression, as though they had been dragged by their backs on the ground for a long time". The same was repeated during the next months in uncountable quantities of villages and settlements of the East and Western Prussia , Shlezvig and Pomorze. Metgeten, the suburb of Kenigsberg, was captured by Russians on January, 29, 1945 , but then it was taken back by German troops. German military men saw such, what could not arise even in Geronimo Bosch's sick imagination. In a square he saw "two girls of about twenty years old, - aide-de-camp Charles Avgust Knorr said, -who, probably, had been tied up by their legs to two cars, and then were torn apart". "About 60 women", half of whom were already mad, were taken out from a country house nearby. "They were “used” approximately 60-70 times a day". In the same place behind the house captain of the Vermaht Herman Zommer found several naked corpses of women and children. Children had either "the cranium broken, or their small bodies were repeatedly punctured with bayonets". When the Red Army man later becoming a dissident, Lev Kopylev, came to the East Prussia, the first thing, which he saw was the corpse of an old woman: "Her clothes were torn, between thin hips there was a telephone, the receiver of which was thrust into the vagina". For the attempt to protect the civilians from excesses of the compatriots major Kopylev spent 9 years in GULAG.
As earlier a lot of Russian cities, as the city of Emmanuel Kant , Kenigsberg was ruined. Only the tomb of the philosopher was not destroyed. They say, that it was ordered by Stalin personally, who had read somewhere in Marx' and Engels' writings, that Kant was a rather significant philosopher. "We are floating in the middle of a stream of the lava coming from some malicious star to the earth", the Kenigsberg doctor Count Hans fon Lendorf described the ingenuity of the winners. "They spare neither 80-years old women, nor those, who were unconscious. One of my patients, wounded in the head, without consciousness, was repeatedly raped by them". Besides, the winter of 1945 was awfully cold. Frozen corpses of babies were in the streets. After the circuit around the East Prussia closed, and the way to the West turned out to be cut off, people went to the coast to be rescued by the Baltic Sea . One woman, who had already reached up to the middle of the gulf, "had two their children frozen, and she was compelled to leave them on the ground", - Protestant priest Paul Berneker, who also was trying to escape, assured. "She went on with two remained children, but when the coast was already close, these two children also froze"… Those people, who could not escape, went through all horrors of occupation: rape, robberies, exile. The last joke, which was born in this province, said: "If you had let alone our furniture, you would be in Berlin already for a long time". While the notorious expression "Frau komm!" became wide-known (even children played the game "rape"), new owners deported thousands of men at efficient age to the Soviet Union for regenerative works.
The owner of the Kremlin, an expert in genocide, had only geopolitical motives; the personal need of revenge of his soldiers had never excited Stalin. All the time they were urged to behave in East Germany like Tatar-Mongolian hordes. "Historical mission" of the Soviet army, - as the cooked leading article of March, 3, 1945 , by the main Stalin's propagandist Ilya Erenburg said, "consists in modest and honorable task of reduction of the population of Germany ".
The fury in relation to civilians was preceded "with the fury in the geographical map" (according to the author Volf Zibler). During the Yalta conference in February, 1945, Stalin and his partners by negotiations, American president Roosevelt and English Prime-Minister Churchill, finally decided, how the borders of Europe would be changed after the war. "At the entry into East Prussia , - the eyewitness of the events Kopylev wrote, - I already knew that this land would be Poland 's and ours".
The more the Red Army was frightening, the more Germans would escape even before the end of the war according to the calculation made up by Stalin. In reply to the arguments, that the truncated Germany would be overpopulated, the Kremlin owner answered, that two millions of Germans were already dead, and before the war was over, there would not be one more million.
As far as East Prussia is concerned, it turned out to be a deserted country for Stalin, in some sense. Here he appeared to be extremely close to his purpose. "The catastrophe, which followed the entry of the Soviet armies, had no parallels in the modern European history", - the American diplomat George F.Kennan stated. "I flew by an American plane at small height above this province. I saw the ruined and completely deserted territory. There was not almost nothing alive from one side of the province to the other". Very few people from former 2, 38 million inhabitants of East Prussia stayed in their native land remained. In 1950, there were 160 000 of them. By materials of the German edition "Fonus" (16.02.05.) Puppets coquette
It was amusing to observe, how puppets from "the Chechen government" reacted to the order of president Mashadov to suspend unilaterally offensive military actions. They declared that Mashadov's order meant nothing for them, and they were not going to have any negotiations with him, never. This reaction reminds of behavior of a spinster who, listening young girls discussing advantages of their grooms, declares, that personally she would never marry such idlers. But the trouble is that "idlers" do not make an offer to her, so there is no opportunity to check up the sincerity of the old maid.
As far as the bureaucrats from the pro-Russian "Chechen government" are concerned, they are more predicted, than the hypothetical old maid. As soon as the Kremlin owner hushes at them, these small hairy mongrels will not only sit down at the negotiating table with Mashadov, but also they will wipe dust from his military boots with their handkerchiefs. However the matter is that even one hundred putins will not be able to induce the Chechen President to exchange words with these subjects, because negotiations are always carried out with the enemy, instead of his room doggies.
A traitor is always paltry, or else he would not become a traitor. And the more a traitor is insignificant; the more desire he has to seem a significant person, on whom something depends. Psychiatrists name this desire to be the aspiration of pettiness to compensate its defects. But as a pettiness can not reach the same level with really great people, their moral and intellectual heights, they act on the contrary - they try, using as much forces and rat sharpness of wit, to discredit those, who despises them and even disdains to pronounce their contemptible names. For this reason the treacherous gang, stuck in larceny and with enthusiasm assisting Putin's wild beasts to exterminate their own people, with even some superiority argues about the Chechen President and his peace initiatives. These negligent reasoning are intended for the Russian public. They perfectly know the real price of themselves and their reasoning. It is perfectly known to them that, other Chechens know the real price of them and their "political importance". This price is not thirty silver coins, but as in due time Baisangur Benoevskiy said about their colleagues by pettiness, "black Russian copeck".
When you speak about traitors, for some reason always female images come to mind. It is related, maybe, to the fact that the most ancient treachery, according to the Bible, was made by Raav, a public maid from Jericho , who helped the armies of Israelis to grasp and destroy her native city. However, this prostitute was fairer than Alhanov's puppets because, as against them, she did not conceal her main occupation and did not try to pretend as a respectable lady who, ostensibly, decides with whom she would communicate. And I would like to inform the prostitutes in politics: the problems of "clientele" are solved not by them, but by their whoremaster Putin. Therefore their affectedness in the question of negotiations is pure coquetting , which is obvious for everybody including Russians.


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