Creation of Independent Consultative Council

Date: March 24, 2002

Extract from the Minutes N 2

Of the Constituent Assembly of Public Organizations of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria, Russian Federation and International Organizations


Nazran March 8, 2002

Constitutors of ICC:

Abdulla Istamurov - "International United Committee for Refugees from Chechnya", President of League of Progressive Forces of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria.

Ruslan Badalov - President of Public Movement "Chechen Committee of National Salvation", President of National Olympic Committee of Chechnya.

Libkan Bazaev - Chairman of Union "The Chechen Women".

Vaha Banzhaev - Chairman of the Public Organization "The Captives of Filtration Camps".

Imran Ezheev - Chairman of Vainakh Regional Dept. "Russia-ChechenFriendship Society".

Baaudi Dudaev - President of Information Center "Solidarity", Coordinator of "The International Committee of Refugees from Chechnya".

Fatima Gazieva - President of the Union of the Northern Caucasian Women

Toyta Yunusova - President of the Chechen department of interregional peacekeeping organization "Echo of War".

Ramzan Didaev - Prsident of Union of Teachers "Fenix".

Heda Saratova - Regional Organization "Press-Center".

Zura Abdulhajieva - Human Rights Organization.

Zarima Suleimanova - Regional Public Organization "Chechenya".

Igor Shahmurzaev - Deputy Director of the Institute of Political Culture "Lamast".

Izrudin Aldamov - Humanitarian Public Organization "Lamanan Shovda", Co-President of Human Rights Organization "Niiso".

Maret Eldieva - Journalist.

Murad Nashkhoev - Journalist.

Ghelani Shovhanov - Assistant Chairman of the International Committee for Human Rights of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria.

Salambek Maigov - President of Anti-War Congress.

Sultan Satiev - Chairman of Union of the Workers of Art and Culture.

Sultan Omarov - Co-President of the Union of National-Patriotic Forces.

Zarman Mahajieva - President of the International Human Rights Organization "Niiso", Co-President of the humanitarian organization Lamanan Shovda".

Zainap Guzueva - President of Foundation "Lik Budusshego".

Zarema Sadulaeva - President of Public Charity Organization "Save the Generation".

Magomed Musaev - President of Public Organization "Voice of Ancestors".

Ruslan Maashovv - President of the Public Organization "The Choice of the Youth".

Zaindi Movlatov - President of the Regional Public-Political Movement "Fatherland".

Agenda: 1. Approval of the Statutes of ICC 2. Election and approval of co-presidents of ICC 3. Election of ICC members 4. Miscellanea

In support of the first issue spoke A.Istamulov.

Voted: for -25, against - 0, abstentions -2

In support of the second issue spoke B.Dudaev and proposed approval of Vahap Tutakov, Libkan Bazaev and Igor Shahmurzaev.

Ruslan Badalov proposed to elect Bauddi Dudaev Executive Director of ICC.

Voted: for - 23, against - 2, abstentions -2

In support of the third issue spoke Magomed Musaev.

The meeting elected ICC members (14 persons).

Chairman Igor Shahmurzaev

Secretary Baudi Dudaev



Declaration Of Independent Consultative Council of Chechen Public Organizations

Date: March 24, 2002
Source: Chechenpress

We, the Chechen public organizations, united with the aspiration for peace resolution of military conflict between the Russian Federation and Chechen Republic Ichkeria, maintenance of peace in Chechnya and stability in the Northern Caucasus, putting an end to the sufferings of the Chechen people, have created the Independent Consultative Council (ICC).

In creating the Independent Consultative Council we were guided by the recommendations of PASE, taking into consideration the positive sense as well as mistakes of the consultative meetings at PASE in September and November of the year 2001. These meetings showed that it is inadmissible to substitute real independent voice of society by founding of one more artificial body under State Duma of Russia, having a calling for creation of outward show of participation in social and political processes, but really carrying out the activities in the interests of Russian Federation to the detriment of the Chechen nation.

Public organizations, ICC members, intend to carry out their activity aimed at peace resolution and political settlement of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Chechen Republic Ichkeria.

Striving for taking of compromise position in the conflict of opposing parties, realizing the necessity of taking into consideration practical interests of both sides, guided by the principles of political tolerance, the Council at an adequate extent appeals to the statutes of Constitutions of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria, Russian Federation and generally accepted norms and principles of International Law.

The following are urgent tasks of the Council:

Analysis of the situation in the Chechen Republic, enlist the services of independent commissions, observers and experts;

Working out and consideration of the programs (conceptions) on cessation of military actions and resolution of the Russian-Chechen conflict (political, military, economic and ideological);

Adduction of well-reasoned proofs for carrying out negotiations between the Presidents of Chechen Republic and Russian Federation;

Resting upon the historical facts to show that four hundred-centuries-old opposition of Russia and Chechnya causes irreparable damage to the peoples of these countries;

Monitoring of actual conditions of the Chechen refuges, evaluation of the attempts of "voluntarily"-forced returning home of the refugees, working out of real programs with respect to home returning of the Chechen refugees;

Bringing up for discussion the question of further development of the Chechen society and State, coming out against any form of violence;

Propagation of democratic values and principles of tolerance in the Chechen Republic;

Uphold the right of the Chechen nation to self-determination.

The Independent Consultative Council is ready to co-operate with all Chechen, Russian and international public and state organizations striving for political settlement of the Russian-Chechen conflict and stabilization of situation in the region.

The Council calls upon the international organizations such as Council of Europe, UNO, OSCE to intensify their activities aimed at cease-fire establishing of stable peace in Chechnya.

Co-President of ICC


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