Economic crimes

Date: March 17, 2002
Source: Chechenpress


The Russian military-men together with the Chechen national-traitors are engaged in production, processing and sale of the Chechen petroleum. It is clear that simple soldiers cannot be engaged in this business. The Russian generals make not a little money on blood of the Chechens. The columns of petrol tanks escorted by the armored carriers abandon the limits of Chechnya every day taking out of the country tons of petroleum. Now in Chechnya there are 632 large oil-refining factories. Out of them, 109 are in Nadterechny district, aggregate capacity of which makes up 4,5 cubic meters, 150 small oil-refining factories are located in Naury district, 62 - in Shelkovsky district, 54 - in Gudermes district, 176 - in Grozny district, 16 - in Urus-Martan district and 35 - in Shali district. All these districts form the central part of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria the area of the Terek Range stretching along the rivers rek, Sunja and Arghun. The Russian military-men do not disdain to steal petroleum from the Azeksaut Grozny oil pipeline. Hundreds of cuts in the pipe have been found all along the oil pipeline: near the pipe there is a small oil refinery processing only 20-25 % high quality petroleum. As to the rest 70-80 % of crude oil, it simply pours out forming the rivers and lakes of black oil. The pollution by petroleum is 10-12 times the extreme allowable norm. All this damages the ecology not only of Chechnya, but also of the whole Caucasus.

According to the pro-Russian representatives of Grozny administration, a mass export (hundred tons) of metal, chisel pipes, sheet iron, tools, equipment, bits and other boring equipment from such large factories, as "Red Hammer", Grozny Repair-Mechanical Factory, "Trans Mash", Chisel Works Management of Staropromislov district, is carried out by the Russian OMON special groups together with the Gantamirov militiamen. The plunder of the republic's economic potential assumes a monstrous scale. The stolen state property is taken out on the whole in Ingushetia, and from there is sent to the buyers. The appropriate documents are signed by the officials of the Government of Kadirov as well as by the representatives of the regional administrations.


According to the information of the competent sources (oil-extracting enterprises), the plunder of petroleum and oil-products also has got catastrophic scales. From the laid up boring wells No10, No21 of the October district of Grozny oil is extracted illegally and at night the columns of motor vehicles take out crude petroleum towards Chechen-Aul, Tsotsan-Yurt and other villages of Kurchaloy district. There the petroleum is turned to crude petrol and realized according to the adjusted system. Ready oil-products are convoyed by the military divisions under command of the Russian generals.


Group of Chemical Enterprises is still under radioactive emanation contaminating the Zavodskoy district and other areas of the city of Grozny (Johar). As the representatives of the factory administration inform, they have repeatedly applied to the governments of Koshman and Kadirov, as well as to other government bodies of Russia with a request of localization of the center of radioactive elements, however no measures have been taken yet. "Owing to the inactivity and irresponsibility of the Russian bodies of authority the city is exposed to danger of ecological disaster", - said to the correspondent of the Agency Chechenpress Abdul-Hamid Movlaev, resident of the Zavodskoy district of Grozny.


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