Chechen State Technical University


Formerly known as Grozny State Petroleum Institute,
todays it's called Chechen State Technical University
by the order of the Minister of the Education and Science of the Chechen Republic in June, 24th, 1998 (N140/0)

Rector (Principal) - Professor Murdaev Ruslan Makhmudovich
1st prorektor - Profesor Gerikhanov Abu Kasumovich
Prorektor in Science Work - Professor Ryasanzev Nikolay Fedorovich
Contact Person - Prorektor in Educational Work - Professor Majiev Khasan Najoevich (CSTU)

Chechnya, g. Djohar, GSP-2, ul. Klary Zetkin, 14/53
14/53, Klara Zetkin Street, GSP-2, Djohar City, Chechen Republic

Phone: 7-095-904-4916


Date of foundation: 1920 (as Grozny Petroleum College),
in 1921 was renamed to Petroleum Practical Institute
in 1929 by the order of SNK of USSR named Grozny Petroleum Institute
in 1998 named as Chechen State Technical University.

Date of first graduation year: 1925

Number of students graduated in 1998: 320

List of main faculties:
(zaochnyy fakul'tet)
Total amount of students: 4,000
Total amount of teachers: 230
Year 1998: 900 new students enrolled


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