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The Round Table of Refugees from Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, which took place on February 28 in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia), have discussed the planning of European March of Peace, which is going to be organized on May 25. At the Round Table the Appeal to Eduard Shevardnadze, the President of the Republic Georgia, was approved.

The Executive Committee of International Joint Committee of Refugees from Chechnya starts collecting signatures of friends of Chechen nation under this appeal.

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The Honorable Eduard Shevardnadze
February 28, 2002
President of Georgia

Appeal of International Joint Committee of Refugees from Chechen republic of Ichkeria

Dear President,

We, Chechen children, women, and seniors, who live as refugees in Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Chekh Republic, Germany, Kirgizstan, Romania, and Uzbekistan, appeal to you.

The above mentioned countries got out of anti-human Communist empire with your significant help. Thanks to your personal courage and political wisdom, these countries are lucky to avoid sharing the fate of Chechens. Chechens became victims of a hatred for all mankind. The Empire preserves this hatred under its new image of Russian Federation.

Nowadays Chechnya is devastated, burned and destroyed. Many of our cities, towns and villages are exist no longer. Entire Chechnya is a large concentration camp, a real hell where violence and cruelty is the only "rule". Our compatriots, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, are being humiliated, tortured, and murdered.

However, we are ready to suffer from this whole tragedy, if it is a need for us to get our liberty. On the other hand, we cannot accept the attitude of the World, in the 21st century ignoring our sufferings with silence. Such attitude means ignoring the basic values of the entire modern civilization.

Dear President, among the Caucasians you have a reputation of virtuous and courageous, who won many victories even confronting powerful enemy. We, 11000 Chechen children, women, and seniors, are thankful to you for accepting us as refugees, saving our lives in the snowy Caucasian mountains in 1999. Also thank you for saving another 185 000 Chechen refugees who live now in different countries.

Now we call on you asking you to fulfil another great God's mission: Please recognize the independence of Chechen Republic! We appeal to you on behalf of our ancestors, our great grandfathers, as well as future generations of Chechens.

Dear President, while we were in war, and we are in war, we look forward your help with a hope of having peace in the future.

Please accept our wishes for peace and prosperity in Georgia on behalf of the 196,000 women, children and men of age.

With great respect, The Executive Committee of International Joint Committee of Refugees from Chechnya.
The chairman of the Committee of Chechen refugees in Georgia Boudy Itaev.


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