Chechen Anthem (Noxchiin Gimn)


The National Anthem of Chechnya by its origin is the literary memorial of the Chechen folklore. It is impossible to determine the precise date of its inception; the text itself can tell us that it probably goes back to ancient times. We certainly can't exclude the fact that its first melodies were sung as early as in the second millennium BC in one of the Hurrian States in the Ancient East Asia. The Chechen National Anthem was revived twice from the past history during the 20th century. The first time, it happened in 1917-1919, in the period, when the Chechen people could revive their aspirations for National independence, which had been broken off after the end of the First Russia-Caucasus War. The second revival of the Chechen Anthem began 26 November, 1990, when at the whole-nation congress of the Chechen people once again declared a State sovereignty and took a firm stand in defiance of the State system and the territorial integrity.

Words by Aydamirov Abuzar
Music by Dimaev Ali

      *** *** ***

We were born at night, when the she-wolf whelped.
In the morning, as lions howl, we were given our names.
In eagles' nests, our Mothers nursed us,
To tame a stallion, our Fathers taught us.

We were devoted to our Mothers, to people and the Native land,
And if they will need us - we'll respond courageously,
We grew up free, together with the mountain eagles,
Difficulties and obstacles we overcame with dignity.

Granite rocks will sooner fuse like lead,
Than we lose our Nobility in life and struggle.
The Earth will sooner be breached in boiling sun,
Than we appear before the world; losing our honor.

Never will we appear submissive before anyone,
Death or Freedom - we can choose only one way.
Our sisters cure our wounds by their songs,
The eyes of the beloved arouse us to the feat of arms.

If hunger gets us down - we'll gnaw the roots.
If thirst harasses us - we'll drink the grass dew.
We were born at night, when the she-wolf whelped.
God, Nation, and the Native land -
We devote ourselves only to their service.

      *** *** ***

Such important words chosen in the Chechen Anthem, as "Death" for example, has a great philosophical essence; because it means that the political context in the form of dependent (without a freedom) existence of a nation is equivalent to physical death. "Freedom" in the Chechen perception means immeasurably more than the traditional conception of this word as acknowledged by other nations. Freedom for the Chechen people is not only the philosophy of their existence, which is very natural for most nations, but it is exactly this concept that expresses many norms and traditions of the Chechen existence and their way of life.


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